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Welcome To Website Design and Hosting

I would first like to thank you for taking the time to check out my site.

I got into website building for myself in 2005 with my website  There I run an E-zine advertising site.

Following that I played around with html code and different programs to see what else I could build.  Then this year someone came up to me and asked about a website for the legion in my comunity.

So, I agreed and did up a website for the legion.

Then another person came up and was interested in a website and i have been going from there.

I also have the space to host accounts so that I can offer that along with the build of each individual website.

In addition to the website building and hosting, I am training through GVO Academy.  There they teach us blog building and about different plugins to help with different aspects of one business.  Then there is our html, cpanel and css training and much more.  Which helps me to be able to build to the vision of the customer.